Are You An Entrepreneur or Freelancer in Need of Help?

Virtual Work Team LLC, 1-800-478-3112, is a Premier, U.S. based and legally registered company that provides virtual administrative support: Bookkeeping, HR, Customer Support, Email Marketing, Traditional Marketing Campaigns, Social Media and Clerical Support (i.e. Typing, Virtual Reception, Transcription, etc.) to Corporations, Entrepreneurs and Busy Freelancers worldwide. The aforementioned areas encompass the infrastructure that is needed to grow and thrive in business. We provide that infrastructure for our clients.

Our company Owner, Shilonda Downing also provides Business Consultations, Health Consultations and limited PR services to Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Online Business Owners and Busy Professionals worldwide.

Schedule your Free 30min consultation here, and let us finish your To-Do-List Today!

With our low starting rates, you CAN’T go wrong! Click “HERE” for our video introduction!

We not only save you time and money, but we’re known for “Running Against the Clock to Meet Your Deadline”. It’s what we do best AND we truly stand out from the rest; recognized by major media and clients worldwide! Please visit our “Press and Testimonials” page to see the difference.

Virtual Work Team LLC has been quoted as a “Thought Leader” on working virtually by the following major media outlets: 


Are You Ready to Start Freelancing or Parlay Freelancing into a Thriving Business?

If you are interested in working from home, we can help you. If you’ve started freelancing and want to take it to the next level, you need a successful blue print. Get the instructions by reading our e-book (see upper right) .

It’s a quick and easy read by our company owner: Mrs. Shilonda Downing. By reading and following the instructions therein, you can have your online business up and running in 5 business days. You don’t have to spend a fortune to receive this valuable information. We have priced the e-book so that everyone who needs it can afford it. It does not contain lots of fluff, pictures or information that is not useful. You’ll want to learn from someone that has not only “been there, done that” with success, but has also been recognized and profiled by journalists of major media outlets as being an expert on working virtually in a successful manner from the comfort of home. Prominent journalists have to check their facts and won’t feature just anyone, and Shilonda Downing and Virtual Work Team have been profiled time and again by journalists of major media outlets.

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to the author of the e-book as you implement the daily instructions? Well you can! Purchasers of the e-book get a discount on the one-on-one support that is often needed when starting on a new journey. Shilonda will personally guide you through the e-book with an hour long 1:1 consultation every day of the week. As you implement the daily instructions, you will no doubt have questions or you just may want to bounce ideas off someone who has already formed a successful business. Schedule your week long consultations below, by clicking the “Book Now” button. Enter the transaction I.D. number that you’ll receive when you purchase the e-book; we’ll confirm your purchase and you’ll get the last day of your week long consultations Free of charge.* So invest a bit of time and money in yourself, starting with the e-book and then book your week of one-on-one support below to correspond with every day of the e-book. You could have your  business up and running in 5 business days! How exciting!

 *After clicking the book now button, select “Consultations” next to the green triangle on the left of the page. Then choose the 60 min. “Business consultation” and schedule an hour a day for 5 consecutive days (Mon.-Fri.) to correspond with the e-book instructions. Enter the transaction I.D. # from your e-book purchase and day 5 of your week long consultation will be Free of charge.

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