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Social Media Management Packages (monthly)

We will engage on your behalf on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube. While the following list is not all inclusive, some engagement would include:

  • Facebook: daily: wall updates and messages / daily: sending friend requests / daily: responding to all friend requests / daily: engaging in conversations on your behalf / daily: personal response and “thank you” to fan “likes”
  • YouTube: daily: sending out channel comments / daily: sending out friend requests / daily: subscribing to channels in your niche / daily: uploading videos / daily: responding to comments / daily: leaving comments for channels in your niche
  • Twitter: daily: sending out tweets / daily: following accounts relevant to your business or brand / daily: following back those who have followed you (optional) / daily: answering direct messages / daily: engaging with those who mention you or the accounts you designate
  • LinkedIN: daily: sending out status updates / daily: sending connection requests to those you know and/or businesses or people relevant to your business or brand / daily: responding to connection requests and messages / daily: joining group conversations that are relevant to your business or brand

(you can substitute other social media channels i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)


Social Media Package

Choose from our Silver, Gold, Platinum, Executive or Enterprise packages. Once you’ve selected the package of your choice click the “Buy Now” button. Then click the “Book Now” button below to schedule your Free 30min consultation that’s included with your package. Frequency of engagement depends on the package you choose. All social media packages must be paid in advance.*

Clerical services

Our Clerical services allow our clients to focus on the more important parts of their businesses. While the following list is not all inclusive, some of these assignments would include:

Customer support for your company via: email or chat / Typing and transcription /

We’re Freshdesk Partners! Ask us about this customer support software and how it can grow your business.

Research / Calendar and meeting scheduling and reminders



Administrative services

Administrative services require specialized skill and are usually labor intensive. Virtual Work Team is a trusted source to handle your administrative processes. While the following list is not all inclusive, some of these assignments would include:

Bookkeeping / Human Resources: sourcing candidates, interviewing, reference / background checks, etc.

Database and spreadsheet creation and maintenance



Copy Writing

Since writing is a creative process; it can be mentally taxing to provide the best content. We therefore have a cap of 10 writing assignments per client, per week. While this list is not all inclusive, some of the writing assignments we perform for our clients are as follows:

  • Articles for websites and/or blogs (350 word maximum)
  • Press releases (we will also submit your press releases for you)
  • Website copy (lower fees for granting credit and/or copy rights)


Shilonda Downing, Basic Author
Shilonda Downing, Basic Author


Our Rates

We will discuss rates during your free 30min client consultation by clicking here. We pride ourselves on never overcharging our clients.


*You can always pay for your services 3 ways: Checks made payable to Virtual Work Team; PayPal by using the following email: or Credit Card. Just click the “Buy Now” button below to use your credit card. If you need help, feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through the process. Thank you!

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