Virtual Customer Support

Customer support is extremely important to growing your business. Everyone tends to judge a company or brand by their experience with the customer support team. You don’t want to trust this crucial aspect to just any company. All of our virtual customer support agents are U.S. based and we are all Freshdesk ambassadors. Freshdesk is one of the main software programs used by companies for customer support. We’re able to carry their badge on our website, because we are trained experts that can hit the ground running. Our agents have worked at very large companies, as well as for solo entrepreneurs. Let us start ensuring that your customers are well taken care of today.


Our Intake Process

Virtual Work Team LLC has totally streamlined the in-take process. If you are a new client, simply click the “BookNow” link below to schedule your FREE consultation. Our company owner will speak with you personally and allow you to discuss your needs, both immediate and long term. If we’re a good fit for you, we’ll “Hit the ground running!” and start helping you right away with your assignments.

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Hours of operation: Mon. – Fri. 8am – 8pm / Sat. – 12pm – 5pm / Sun. Closed – all times are CST


“I’m glad I have a professional customer support team I can count on!”

Suzanne Petri

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