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Web Design / Web Development

At Virtual Work Team LLC, we believe we have a good eye for web design. Putting together the right images, written copy and color palette make for an engaging and aesthetically pleasing website. We can help you convert website visitors to customers, when you consult with us on your current website design. If you don’t have a website, we’ll consult with you on getting one designed and up-and-running asap!



We recommend for VA’s, freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs. has been used to created the websites for Educational Institutions such as: Harvard Law, Cornell University Department of Music, MIT Libraries, University of Berlin, University of Melbourne and the Harvard Gazette Online.

has also been used to created websites for Businesses like: Mashable, Open ID, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, cPanel, McAfee Averts Lab, The Ford Story, Samsung Newsroom and the Mozilla and the Flickr Blogs. 

Let’s not forget that is also being used for the websites of celebrities and brands like: Jane Fonda, JayZ, Larry King Liveblog, Nancy Pelosi, Margaret Cho, Katy Perry, Ryan Seacrest and Wyclef Jean. 

If works for the above mentioned; I’m sure we can customize a website to build your business and brand as well. During your website consultation, we’ll discuss the various plug-ins we can use to help you create your own dynamic website. We also work in collaboration with U.S. based web designers that can get you going with advanced e-commerce options.

Virtual Work Team LLC is also a  blogsite! When you book your website consultation, we can offer suggestions from the viewpoint of a fellow business owner/web designer and as a potential customer or visitor to your new website. We can also check your site for broken links and error pages. We can proof your website for spelling and grammatical errors as well. If you like our website and/or just want ideas on how to optimize your own, click the “Book Now” button below to set up a consultation.

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