5 tips for time management of your business

time management
Time management

I frequently hear business owners say that they’re spending an excessive amount of time handling their business, and that time management is a real challenge. This has been the case for most entrepreneurs at one time or another. However, it needn’t be. Although it might seem daunting at the outset, there are a loads of tips to help entrepreneurs manage their time. Below are five tips for time management:

  1. Add A Back Office to your business and DELEGATE

Set aside a modes amount of funds to invest in growing your business. You can use this money to hire a team that can do a variety of tasks for you and your current team. Decide what is taking up the bulk of you time and/or what are the pain points in your business. This would be things like bookkeeping, etc. that need to be done, but that you don’t enjoy doing. Our team has helped clients in just about every industry and sector. We enjoy providing the administrative support you need to help you save time.

  1. Automate

Time-consuming, yet significant business processes like answering questions for your customers or online support, project management, and social media management can be automated. There are so many software programs that help with these tasks; combine that with a bit of outsourced team work and you’re well on your way to managing your time effectively.

  1. Make decision quickly

A benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have lots of red tape to deal with in order to make an executive decision. When you find or learn about a process that works, go with it. You can always make adjustments later. However, making decisions quickly will help you save time and not waste it neurotically deliberating on whether something will work or not. If something doesn’t work, make another quick decision to implement something else.

  1. Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

A personal virtual assistant is a bit different than your typical VA (virtual assistant). This is someone you trust as your right hand and that can do personal tasks for you. This is someone that you may have access to at various times of the day or night. They would be a trust worthy team member that helps make your personal life a breeze; thus assisting in time management. A personal virtual assistant will typically cost a bit more than a typical VW for these reasons, but their help is invaluable.

  1. Unchain yourself from your desk.

Technology now means you can run your organization from anywhere. Capitalize on free tools that let you streamline company performance on the go. Chatting and project management technologies let you connect with employees, customers and associates no matter your location. Remote work is now the preferred way of working as opposed to the exception.

What tips do you have to help with time management? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. These are valuable tips. For me, when you manage your time, it makes you more creative, resourceful and productive. Thanks for sharing this blog!

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