8 Steps you need to boost your career

Making minor changes can boost your career, job satisfaction and productivity. Below are 8 steps you can take right now to help boost your career.

Boost career
Boost career

Eight Steps

Find out the best way to listenThere is a significant difference between listening to someone with the intent on understanding their point. Or simply keeping quiet until it’s your time to speak. A lot of folks often do the latter when when doing the former will help you understand others and that in turn can help to boost your career. Your clients and team members will notice that you’re making the attempt to hear, process and answer them thoughtfully.

Solve issuesRegardless of what field you’re in, knowing how to solve issues is a must for career advancement. Being a problem solver will help make you the go to person in a time of crisis. Helping to cement your value to your team or company. Honing problem solving skills, can be very advantageous in boosting your career.

Double check and verify. To boost your career, be sure you understand what your team and/or client needs and always double check your work before turning it in. If you continually make errors in this area, you could cost your team a client and really damage your career. When a clients gives directions in a confusing or obscure manner, take the time to submit in writing what you understand the instructions to be. This will ensure you are presenting the work as expected and help you advance career wise, as you’ll become known as someone who can deliver the goods as instructed.

Say “Thank you”. Gratitude is an extremely straightforward but frequently overlooked tool for developing relationships. Boost your career by always saying “Please” and “Thank you” for a job well done.

Work Lean. When you have a million software programs to keep track of and your team must log into various places just to complete their work, things don’t flow smoothly. Try to scale back to a few programs that will allow you and your team to put out your best work. Working lean allows you to focus on what’s important; not software updates, issues, etc.

Manage your time. Make sure you have allotted the appropriately amount of time for each time. Over charging clients for tasks that you know shouldn’t take very long is tantamount to stealing. Become a trustworthy and honest team member. This will certainly aide in boosting your career.

Establish and track your improvement. Ask your client or supervisor what defines success in your particular position. Use this definition to track and establish your improvement. You’ll want to be able to show that you’ve not only added value, but grown as an individual. This can lead to greater opportunities and definitely help to boost your career.

Be honest with yourself.  Having self awareness about your strengths and weaknesses can enable you to do your best in future and your present jobs.

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