Adding Your WordPress Blog Posts to Your LinkedIN profile

Did you know you can add your blog to your LinkedIN profile? Here is the top of our LinkedIN profile:  

Here is a picture of the bottom our LinkedIN profile, with posts from this very blog attached:

Those who are logged in on LinkedIN needn’t leave your profile to read your latest blog posts. You can elect to attach all your recent blog posts or just the ones that are tagged with the word: LinkedIN. The video below shows you how to do it step-by-step:

Let me know if this helps you & click here if you’d like to connect with us on LinkedIN!

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!

2 thoughts on “Adding Your WordPress Blog Posts to Your LinkedIN profile

  1. Shilonda,

    I am glad you shared this with us. I have been thinking of doing a blog, and how I would get that blog out there. I really didn’t know that you could tie in a wordpress blog with LinkedIn. Yes I have dabbled in word press and I am not sure I would even consider myself a novice, but I am definitely going to look more into this.

    Thank you again!!

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