Business Lunch – how to make it work

Business Lunch
Business lunch

If you initiate or have been asked to a business lunch, you may be flattered, but feel a bit awkward. You may not be 100% sure if the potential client really wants to discuss business or not. There a few good rules of thumb to ensure that you can make a business lunch work to your advantage.

Be sure you’ve have a conversation about strictly business prior to the lunch. If your conversations have veered off topic, the other party may have the wrong idea. I try to be pleasant with all clients, but I make sure our calls are business related at all times. This sets the tone for the business lunch. You can go in with confidence knowing that you’ve focused on the business at hand in prior dicussions.

Dress appropriately. This goes for both men and women. “No” we shouldn’t be judged based on how we dress; but is that the reality? “No” Ensure that you are dressed in business attire and this will indicate to the potential client that you mean business and are only attending the lunch for that purpose.

End the lunch with a specific call to action that is business related. While the conversation needn’t be stuffy, be sure you end on a note that calls the potential client to action. After all, as an entrepreneur, your time is one of your most valuable assets. Be sure that others understand that as well. If you took time to come to a business lunch, the potential client should appreciate that and if all went well, is hopefully ready to act. However, that may not happen, if you don’t end the lunch with a call to action. Provide your updated business card and exit in style! Got other tips you want to share for a successful business lunch? Please feel free to do so in the comments.

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  1. Nice reminders for when that situation presents itself! Those tips could also apply to if we are invited to lunch for a job interview. Even though a restaurant may feel more casual, it’s important to still dress appropriately for business, have in mind what you will order ahead of time, to reduce time looking at the menu, and put our best foot forward!


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