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I decided to add a new plugin to my website today and boy, did I get a shocker! Several links on my home page were broken. If you are a business owner that uses a website to help market your business; or a freelancer that sends out a portfolio, blog or an about me page to prospective clients, please be sure to check your website or portfolio often. This is something that I know and advise others to do, but forget to do myself. I also found that a bit of the wording was no longer what I desired, so I made some edits there as well. If you feel you just don’t have time to go through your entire site checking for broken links, you can use an app, plugin, etc. to do so. However, you may need a human set of eyes to check the following:

  • Content – Is your content and message what you’d like? Many of us wrote or had our content written years ago. Your message may not be the same and you may want to reach a difference audience now, so be sure to check that.
  • Social media descriptions – These too need to be checked for errors, broken links/images and old content.
  • Apps – does your business have an app? Be sure to check that as well. Images, etc. may need updating and you’ll want to stay on top of those things.

While, I’m by no means done with my updating, I wanted to help those who read the blog to take a moment to pause and check any websites and portfolios you use to market your business or brand.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team!


6 thoughts on “Check your website or portfolio often

  1. Great article Shilonda, I’m trying to get my About me page up and running, so this is a useful tip and I’ll tru to remember this for social media too. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Wilma! So nice to hear from you. Yes, indeed, that’s great that you’re getting your About me page together! Be sure to let us take a peek when it’s done and thanks for chiming in. 🙂


  2. This is a great reminder! I only update my website every month but I should check to make sure all links are working properly and fix anything that need updating. Broken links may cause us to lose traffic and not to mention it looks unprofessional. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Yes, Michelle it’s important. Like I said, I need to take my own advise, so I’ve now set a ticker to remind me when to check my site and that will help a ton. Thanks for sharing!

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