When an Emergency Happens, Can Your Business Function Without You?

BusinessEmergencyWhen an Emergency Happens, Can Your Business Function Without You? This is a question that every entrepreneur should ask themselves. Here are some tips to ensure your business can function smoothly if an emergency takes you away for a few days or even a few weeks.

Set up systems that allow your business to run smoothly when you are not around. This is especially true when it comes to customer service. Find a customer service software program, that is seamless and keeps track of new orders or requests.

Have a trusted team member you can rely on to access your personal email and calendar. It’s imperative to have someone you can trust in your business, if only as a part-time or an emergency backup. This person, should have your log in credentials and be able to access your email and calendar to keep you apprised of any important events that you may need to reschedule while you’re away.

Technology is great when it works. If systems go down or there is a technical emergency, be sure you have important information that can be accessed the old fashion way. Also, keep a list of clients names and numbers outside of any electronic device so that you can contact your clients should an emergency happen. Have you thought of what you’d do should an emergency happen? Hopefully these tips will help you.

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