The Essentials of a Perfect Home Office

Having a home office is a luxury that many wish they could afford or had space for. If you work from home and have the space to dedicate to a separate home office, consider

Snippet of My 1st Home Office

yourself lucky. This space allows for a more professional presentation of your business or brand to the brick and mortar world. I’ve had several of my local clients who own brick and mortar businesses come into my home office for business meetings and they have all said that they were very impressed. Many people say they work from home, but don’t really have a place to facilitate business meetings, clients or other team members that they need to collaborate with. So again, if you have a dedicated home office, you are fortunate.

Remember, when you use this designated space exclusively for your business endeavors, you can also take advantage of tax breaks, consult with your CPA for specifics. You can even have team members work from your home office, which is just great! I personally love it! Now make sure you take care of the essentials that will make your home office PERFECT.

The area should be quiet:  If possible make sure your home office is not next to an area in your home where the family congregates and recreates (i.e. right next to the family room).

Ergonomic furniture:  If you can afford it, ergonomic furniture will be a best bet for your comfort and health. Using a mouse all day and sitting all day can affect the joints in ways you may not have thought about. At least try to get an ergonomic chair and mouse pad and make sure the computer screen is at a height and distance that works best for you neck and eyes.

Bright window and/or cheerful artwork: I have a sofa in my office and when things get a bit stressful, I lay down and look out the window at my garden. It’s a lovely view and I can also soak up the sun while laying in my home office. My office window lets in loads of brilliant sunlight, which by the way is also the best for helping the body produce vitamin D. I also have lovely artwork in my office that I gaze at when I’m not looking outside.

Business supplies: Don’t neglect the small stuff. Whenever I consult with new business owners, I always ask: “Is your printer ready” it’s a little catch phrase I use that means: make sure you can scan, email, fax and print before you get rolling. What if you get your first big client with a contract that needs to be signed (no digital signature allowed) and you have no ink in the printer or your scanner is out; doesn’t look good to the potential client.

This list is of course not all inclusive and I’d love for you to share your must haves for the PERFECT home office in the comments below. I’ll respond to all comments personally. Thanks!

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!


6 thoughts on “The Essentials of a Perfect Home Office

  1. I agree totally! If you have the space for a home office utilize it. I have taken part of my livingroom and turned it into a home office. It works well because I do not have young children but if I had a seperate room for my home office I would be estatic!

  2. Thanks for chiming in Barb! You don’t have small children in the home, so you’re definitely at an advantage from the unpredictable out bursts that freelancers don’t want heard when they’re speaking with clients, but I do agree with you, having a separate home office is very nice. Thanks again for your thoughts Barb!

    Shilonda Downing
    Virtual Work Team LLC

  3. I look forward to the day that I can dedicate an entire room for my office, but right now I have a cosy ‘office space’ in the corner of my living room (no small kids in the house). I’ve used my desk as a ‘divider’ and have a small end table with my printer and phone at right angles to that. The room is bright and airy and I have a wonderful view of the mountains for those days that I want to clear my head. My ultimate aim is to finally have a home office. 🙂

    1. That works Gillian! The key is a dedicated space and trust me, if you’re a hard worker your office will come in time. Sounds like you’re positive and committed to provided great service in whatever space you can and I thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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