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Hello readers and fellow bloggers:

Did you know that each time you take a moment to comment on the blogs of others, you can expand your own brand? If not, I’ll discuss how in just a bit. We’ve been getting a lot of questions and interest about our “Private Support Group” on LinkedIN. First I’d like to say that in the first two weeks of starting this group, I have felt the “Love” ten-fold! Everyone is excited to support their fellow bloggers and get their blogs featured as well! The synergy is fantastic and I honestly can’t wait until it’s my turn again! LOL

One way to expand your brand by commenting, is by putting the url to your website or blog in the comment section. Most blogs allow this and when people click on your name, they will be re-directed to the website you list there (see the image above and our comment section below).  This is a great way to expand your brand. You can only use one url here, but you can place another after your name when you finish writing your comment. For example: If I put my company url: https://virtualworkteam.com in the url comment section. I will then sign off or complete my comment with the url to this blog: https://virtualworkteam.com/blog – This helps you to expand your brand 2 times over. “Work smart, not hard” I always say. Just don’t go over board and list a million urls in your comment, it’s generally not appreciated; however 1 or 2 looks just fine.

A few of you have noticed that I have a cute little mini-logo next to every comment I make and asked me about that. First off, it’s one of the ways you can promote your own company or brand, simply by commenting on the blogs of others. It’s called a Gravatar. However, I’m not the only one who has taken advantage of this feature, check out some of the other comments on our blog and you’ll see the faces and logos of others. If you want to know how you too can feature your face and/or your logo, feel free to message me here and we’ll send you instructions on how to do so. So here again is one way to expand your brand by simply commenting on the blogs of others.

Even though our Support Group is private, if you have a positive blog, feel free to contact us at the link above for details.

This is Shilonda Downing signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!

(This is a re-post of an article I wrote on March 28, 2011 on our other blog and it had lots of comments. When we merged the blogs our web designer wasn’t able to pull the comments over. Click here to see more Gravatars of those who have commented on our blog 🙂

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