Know Your Worth…

We’ve all had potential clients who try to do a bait and switch. They say they’re hiring you for a particular service; you quote them a price and then they try to switch to a more expensive service; as if you won’t notice. When you quote them the rate befitting their new set of needs, they scour, turn tail and run. These are dishonest people who you don’t want to work with; consider them a “bullet” that you were fortunate enough to dodge. However, what if you have an honest client that you’re working with and your efforts on their behalf in one area of service, net extremely positive results in another? For example, let’s say you’re managing the social networks for a client that you believe in and one of your social connections asks if you can recommend someone for a media segment. You immediately think of your client and you say: “SURE!”. However, before you pass along the information, you must know your worth, and the value of your connections.


Positive press can net massive sales for a client for years to come. I know this for a fact; my company continues to garner clients from the press I’ve received years ago. You can read some of the articles in which I’ve been quoted here. If you garner press for a client, make sure you present this opportunity as PR and not social media management. Your trustworthiness is no doubt what prompted your social contact to look to you for a recommendation in the first place. Trust me, professional journalists, producers, etc. won’t ask just anyone to recommend talent for their TV segments or media outlets. Your relationships are valuable and should be priced accordingly. If you’re having trouble deciding how to segment and price your services, I invite you to join our “Growing” membership group. We have conversations surrounding these topics monthly. Feel free to also schedule a “Business Consultation” with me and I’ll walk you through the pricing process personally.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!

1 thought on “Know Your Worth…

  1. Oh my goodness Shilonda, have you been reading my mind?! This was a topic which I wanted to suggest to you this past weekend but life got in the way. Apparently the Universe decided it was something that just HAD to be addressed! Thank you so much for this wonderfully eloquent blog, my Friend!

    I had recently been caught in that same ‘bait and switch’ cycle with a couple of my newer clients, and I was agonising over the decision on whether or not to drop them, and you are quite right – they are ‘bullets’ that NEED to be dodged (BIG TIME!). This timely blog has helped ease some of my stress. You are so right! I am worth more than being taken for a ride, and if my clients are not willing to pay for my service (at its correct rate), then I need to let them go.

    Opportune words of wisdom, given at the right time, my Friend.

    Thank you so much!

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