Freelancing in the Entertainment Industry

Whether you’ve decided to become a model, film maker or musician, you MUST know the business side of your chosen field. Freelancing as a musician, can be different than freelancing as a movie grip. However, there are some rules that ring true across the board, such as:

  • Make sure all agreements for work performed or contracts are in writing
  • If you’re modeling or auditioning for films always let someone know the exact address of the audition and if possible, please take someone with you. They don’t have to come into the audition, but it’s great to have someone waiting to take you home. It’s an issue of safety, so who cares what others think
  • Check and re-check the background of anyone who wants to hire and/or collaborate with you
  • Let your ethics and morals shine through at the very first meeting. There is no limit to stories of even reputable individuals in the Entertainment industry saying or doing inappropriate things to those trying to break into the industry
  • Hone your skills during off times and be diligent in looking for new opportunities

Lastly, get advice from veterans in your field. That’s where we can help. We interviewed Von Babasin who has worked in the industry since the early 80’s! He worked on the set of Jaws IIThe Incredible Shrinking Woman, and John Carpenter’s, The Thing. Von has released three critically acclaimed albums and is currently producing a film about his father called: Harry Babasin’s Jazz In Hollywood. Von discusses with me the business side of the Entertainment industry and some pitfalls to avoid if you’re looking to thrive in this industry. Click here to listen*.

Von Babison

*Hold tight past the long pause at the beginning to make sure you get this valuable information via podcast from Von. We’ll edit out that pause once this video transfers to our membership area. Click here to listen to the free podcast.

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