How I Get It All Done, a Lesson from Grandma…

I’ve learned so much from my grandmother and I’d dare say that many of the things I’ve learned from her are just by watching her and what she’s done. My maternal grandmother was an entrepreneur. She sold “Stanley” products back in the day, which was a precursor to “Avon” which she still sells to this day and she’s in her 80’s. I recall being soooo excited to go over Grandma’s for those Stanley parties and to see the latest products, especially any toys they had. My Grandmother has always had so much on her plate, yet, she made time for everyone and everything: family, friends and even her own entrepreneurial endeavors. She’s one of my best friends and while I will never measure up to her in so many areas, she has set a barometer that I can try to attain.

So how did she do it all? Well, to say my Grandmother was and is a hard worker is less than an understatement. However, there were times (very rare) when she would take a break and sit in her den and during those rare times, I would notice her eyes would close. She called it ‘nodding’ 🙂 She never really went to sleep, but she would periodically relax her body and her mind when she could. I recall as a little girl tapping her on her thigh to say “Grandma, are you sleep?” “No Baby, Grandma’s just nodding” she would say (I’m smiling soooo big as I type this!) Boy, has that taught me something so many moons later. I’ve always been an old soul, yet years ago, I considered nodding or taking a nap for older people. Well guess what, it turns out that everyone can benefit from taking a nap or mid day nod. Many of us eat to keep going, when what we really need is a break for the mind and body. It allows us to wake up restored, if only for 30 min or so. This little tip is part of what enables me to get everything done. I always give Jehovah God first praise for my strength, both physical and mental and in addition to that, the tips I’ve gained from merely watching one of the busiest women I know (Grandma) have also helped me to get EVERYTHING done in the mere 24 hrs we all have.

 Share your tips for getting things done during the day. I’m sure there will be some smiles as you type as well. All the best!

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4 thoughts on “How I Get It All Done, a Lesson from Grandma…

  1. This is wonderful advise Shilonda! I get a lot of my work ethic from my mom and older sister who for as long as I can remember my dad has deemed them work horses. They had no trouble closing a restaurant at midnight and being back up to open it by 5 am. But after having children I found that when they took their afternoon respites so would I. I would be back on top of my game again, whether with them or work. Like you stated with your grandmother, I don’t sleep, but if I take 15 minutes in the afternoon of quiet time with them I feel refreshed and ready to finish my day.

    Thank you for sharing your lessons from your Grandmother.

    1. Teri thanks you soooo much for sharing your family experience as well. I knew this would hit home with other. We all have those work horses in our family and when we look back, many of them knew how to do just what your Mom and Sister and my Grandma did, take a mini nap. I’m so glad that now we’re all finding out and science is backing up how useful this practice can be. Thanks for always sharing!

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

  2. This is indeed a very insightful post, Shilonda. We should never underestimate the power of “nodding” (or power naps as they are now called). . . 🙂 . . . . . It is so important, in this fast-paced world, to consciously take time out during the day to ‘recharge’. In doing so we allow our brain the precious time that it needs to consolidate any new data that has been presented, as well as to solve any problems which we may be going up against. After such a recharge, we can face the rest of the day with a clarity and focus that almost defies description, allowing us to make the most efficient use of our 24 hours.

    Keep the blogs coming, my Friend!

    1. Gillian I’m so glad you added the current term for it “POWER NAPS”. I forgot to put that in! Isn’t it amazing how science now confirms so many things our ancestors knew to do naturally and passed on to us. These “POWER NAPS” are nothing new, but revamped. I’m so glad you shared your insights, I truly value your comments and God willing I will keep the blog coming and you keep your wonderful thoughts and comments coming too!


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