What’s involved in providing Virtual Customer Support?

When you think of customer service or support, what comes to mind? You may think of getting your questions answered, having a problem resolved or finding out more information regarding a product or service. So, what does it take to provide virtual customer support for a client? First, it takes empathy. You simply need to imagine how you’d expect to be dealt with and treated when you contact a business regarding their products or services. If the client hires you to handle their customer support, keeping this in mind will help you go a long way in resolving issues quickly and making sure that your clients maintain satisfied customers.

Some of your clients will use a software system or online tool to help them handle their customer service. You will need to learn the ins and outs of their online tool; such that you’d be able to train another team member in using it. You will definitely need a quite setting in which to take calls; that’s not negotiable, so think about any small children or pets you may have in the home. You may also need a landline phone as many clients don’t want to risk dropped calls or bad sound quality that can happen when using cell phones or VOIP. It should be your ardent goal to make sure that your clients customers feel they had a great experience. This is especially true of small business owners. Every customer and client counts with small business owners and they cannot allow you to ruin a client relationship that they have worked hard to obtain and maintain. So if you’re hired for your first virtual customer support position, remember to keep in mind that if a customer or client is angry, you shouldn’t take it personally. After all, this is not your business, but it’s the business of your client and you want to make sure that you handle things in a prompt and efficient manner. If you follow this advice, you may get a very positive, unsolicited endorsement like the one below that we received from one of our clients: Joey L. the creator of the “Twilight Posters” in February via Twitter.

2 thoughts on “What’s involved in providing Virtual Customer Support?

  1. Lots of good advice here Shilonda. I would also say it pays to treat your clients customers as you do your own clients, that way you know that your customer service will be impeccable. I treat every client individually and make sure I answer all their questions promptly and politely, if you do the same for your clients customers you’ll be onto a winner! Making yourself available is also very important, make sure you can respond to emails/calls between certain hours and ensure the customers/clients know your working hours, it will save a lot of misunderstandings by doing this right at the start of the relationship.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment Jo! I’m glad you like my advice. I totally agree with what you said about your hours being known. A lot of our clients have thanked us for posting the times we’re available and told us that a lot of VAs don’t do that and it made they feel like it was hit or miss to try and contact them. A really good point.

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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