Keeping in touch with inactive clients, can really pay off

CallingInactiveClientIf you have worked with an ideal client in the past and perhaps due to budgeting issues or other concerns, they’ve gone inactive; it’s great to keep in touch with them. Of course you shouldn’t bother them too frequently. However, a quarterly message to see how they are doing can really pay off. I did this with a client who works as a veterinarian. I knew the client was swamped and overwhelmed when we spoke last. I sincerely asked about her well being and offered to have my team perform a few helpful tasks for her, free of charge. The tasks really saved her some time and she was reactivated as a client. Keeping in touch with inactive clients can really pay off.

Just keeping in touch, shows clients that you care about them and they are not just a dollar sign in your eyes. It also doesn’t require much of your time. You can ask about their families and inquire about their business and ask how it’s going without being pushy regarding your own products or services. It pays off to treat business owners as human beings, after all, everyone likes to be checked up on every now and then. So take the time today to draft a personal message to a client you really enjoyed working with, who has become inactive. You might just be the answer to their prayers today! 🙂

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!




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