Old Sayings that Work for Entrepreneurs

WorkSmartNotHardSome old sayings really work for entrepreneurs. Many of these mantras are phrases that people live by in their personal lives, but entrepreneurs can also benefit from using them. Here are a few old sayings that you can apply to your entrepreneurial journey:

Work Smart Not Hard: Many who start out as entrepreneurs do everything themselves. It’s very hard to delegate; as you’re trusting someone else to represent your brand in the same way that you do. However, as you grow, you’ll understand the importance of hiring people who will work hard for you and be loyal. When you find individuals like this you can concentrate on marketing your brand and that’s the equivalent to working smart.

No Man/Woman is an Island: This means you can’t do it all. To piggy-back off of the previous suggestion, you must: delegate delegate delegate. Anything that you can’t or don’t want to do, should be given to someone who can or loves to do that particular task.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm: Start your day early, especially if you’re still doing work for your clients and have not given your team the full reigns. You can then ensure that your company goals are being met and set the tone for the day with your team. Stay positive and your team will stay positive as well.

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