Getting Your Services or Products in the Pinterest Gift Store

If you have a service based business, you can still use Pinterest and the Pinterest Gift Store to get your services noticed by an entirely new demographic of potential clients. Many feel that Pinterest is only for those that sell products or people who just like pinning pretty pictures. However, Pinterest has been one of the largest drivers of traffic back to our website and we’ve only been on Pinterest for a few months; starting in 2012! If you have Google Analytics set up, you’ll want to check it after utilizing the video tips below to see just how much traffic Pinterest is driving to your website. Watch the video below to get set up in the Pinterest Gift Store. The video also provides tips on pinning videos on Pinterest and an overview on how Pinterest works and how to get started. Check it out:

If you need help getting started with Pinterest and/or setting up your Google Analytics to track your website referral traffic, schedule a consultation with us today by clicking here.

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