Spend a bit of time to get FREE publicity!

If you’re a new business owner and/or entrepreneur, you may feel inundated with information on how to get publicity for your business and/or brand. Don’t fret, with just a bit of time you can get FREE publicity. In this article we’ll outline a few ways you can get FREE publicity for your new business venture:

  • Start by locating the website of a business owner that you admire and respect in your industry. Take the time to become an active member of any blog community they may have. Reach out to them by making comments on articles that you feel have helped you in some way. Most bloggers get a message when someone comments on their blog and this could be a great way to get recognized by a current leader in your field. The comments you make on the blog of the business owner will also allow for insertion of your website address with every comment you make. This is FREE publicity and a chance to make a powerful relationship with a business owner who is already successful in your chosen industry or sector. For more information on expanding your brand, simply by commenting on the blogs of others, you’ll want to read the following article: Expand your brand with every blog comment you make!
  • Another great way to get FREE publicity is to write about your new business venture and any additional news worthy information in the form of a press release. Afterward, you can submit it to the FREE press release sites that you can find simply by doing a search online. This is a great way to get indexed by the search engines and to obtain free publicity at the same time. You may also want to list your press releases on your website.
  • Keep in mind that one of the main reasons that people go online is to search and find answers to questions regarding every subject imaginable. That means there is a place for you to showcase your expertise on websites like Answers.com. Set up a FREE account and take a bit of time to start answering questions. This will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. Every answer you give is an opportunity to expand your brand with free publicity, because the searcher will see the name and the associated website of the person who answered their question.

Starting a new business is very exciting, but the pressure to get noticed can seem daunting. These are just a few of the FREE ideas that we’re sharing to help you get started. However, if you have a budget for marketing, you’ll want to consult with us right away to get noticed by heavy hitters in the press and major media.  Feel free to schedule a “Business Consultation” with me by clicking here or join our class to learn how to garner great Press for your Business, Brand or Event. Register here. I look forward to speaking with you and outlining a plan of action to get you the publicity you want, need and deserve.

This is Shilonda Downing signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!