Stress relief tips for Entrepreneurs: the Denny Waxman interview

Every day freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and those looking for work are met with stress and stressful situations. Many use food to calm the stress. It’s called “self-medicating” with food and means that you’re eating to get a rush (usually full of bad sugars), which temporarily makes you feel good.  There’s usually a crash that accompanies this, which requires another rush and you then repeat the unhealthy cycle. Many men and women do this without even realizing it. When I conduct a “Business Consultation” with a client, it typically always morphs into a “Health Consultation” because the nature of the beast when you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer and responsible for your own pay, health care, etc.: is stress and more stress.  So while we can’t eliminate all stress, we can deal with it in some very positive and natural ways.

I asked world-renown health expert Denny Waxman to join us and provide some tips for combating stress with good food and positive activities. You’ll find that many of the tips he gives in our interview can be implemented immediately. Things like taking a walk in nature and the best drink to start your day. Both men and women will benefit from Dennys tips on the macrobiotic way of eating as well. If you’ve never heard of macrobiotics, simply “Google” our interviewee: Denny Waxman. You will no doubt find videos of people utilizing macrobiotics to help the body heal itself from chronic disease; which will get you interested in how macrobiotics can help you and/or someone you love who is dealing with a health concern. You will also find out that Denny Waxman is truly WORLD-renown in this field and has a school that actually educates individuals on this way of eating:

Listen in here, as Denny shares with us tips for busy Entrepreneurs and how to use Macrobiotics to help obtain such. Enjoy and share any natural tips you use to de-stress with everyone in the comments section of the blog. I’ll be sure to acknowledge you personally! Want to hear more from Denny’s interview? Join our Free “Starting Out” membership today!

Denny Waxman

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