The Benefits of Temp Work

In this economy, it’s not unheard of to meet an employee who has taken on back to back temporary or temp jobs. As a temp, you may feel that you’re not at the level you want to be; however, there’s much to be gained from steady temp work.

  • Learn as much as you possibly can while also adding value. Every employ is different and uses different tools and techniques. Get enthused about adding to your skill set, while learning the tools of the trade for each employer. Every software program or skill set you master, is one more bonus for your resume.
  • Start blogging about your temp experience. Keep it positive and outline what you’ve learned and how you’ve added value at each company. This blog can be used during your search for permanent employment and will also showcase your writing skills.
  • Network on and off hours. Make the most of the connections you make while you’re a temp. You never know who may have a contact in your chosen field. While you don’t want to come off as needy, definitely let your current co-workers know that you’re looking for permanent work. Many temps have been referred to permanent positions by their temporary employers.
  • Last but not least, work as if you’re a permanent employee or team member on every temp assignment you have. When you add value during a temp assignment, there is typically always a chance you may be hired permanently.



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1 thought on “The Benefits of Temp Work

  1. My extensive experience as a temporary administrative services assistant has made me proactive and resourceful, possess savoir faire (ability to act appropriately and adroitly in any situation), shrewdness and sharp perception (the ability to notice or discern things that escape the notice of most people). Over the years I have worked many facets of business enterprise and I’ve become a “Jack of all trades”. I provided support in an astonishing array of business genres such as: Lockheed Martin, AMEC Construction, American Red Cross, Time Warner News, Time Warner Cable, Medical College of VA, Chubb Group, Xerox, Preferred Care, Richmond, VA City Hall, Rochester, NY City Hall, Fox News Network, Hallmark Entertainment and more.

    I have had to learn new abilities and skills as swiftly and effortlessly as I had to resolve unfamiliar problems, be ingenious & expert in resourcefulness, full of initiative and skilled at problem-solving in unknown procedures, especially in difficult situations that had to be addressed immediately.  I learned to pick up new material, programs and office procedures quickly. Although being an army wife meant that I was unable to keep permanent employment due to frequent moves, I made the choice to work in the temporary services industry and emerged as a new erudite, ready to begin anything! I am a much more rounded and diversely skilled administrative support provider than the average administrative assistant.

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