Tips to Keeping Your First Virtual Job

Getting hired to work from home for the first time is like a dream come true. You’re really excited and start telling everyone you know of your good fortune. While your celebratory state will ensure that you’re all smiles on the first day, here are important tips to ensure you keep your first virtual position:

  1. Start on time – Make sure that when your client needs you to start, you are available. This is a job and being late regularly, is a sure way to get fired.
  2. Do what you’re asked – If you’re trying to “WOW” your client or employer and keep your virtual position, you’ve got to complete the assignments that your client feels are important. Don’t try to impress your client with what you think is important. If you’re not adding value, or your client has to go behind you and do your work, you will be let go.
  3. Make sure you have a quiet home environment and are actually working – If you’re always answering from a smart phone or have background noise whenever your client calls, this is a sure sign that you’re not ready for a virtual position. While it’s fine to do some work on the go, you need to commit to a definite time and professional work space to make a success of working virtually.

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