Tips to Transfer To A New Website Hosting Company

WebHostingHas your website gone down unexpectedly? Have your email messages been slow coming and going? Perhaps you’ve just experienced horrible customer service from your website hosting company. Any of these events happening one too many times can make you decide to change your website hosting company. Many stay with their hosting company, believing that to transfer will cost them more downtime and missed messages. However, here are a few tips to ensure your transfer to a new website hosting company is a smooth experience. Follow these tips for a seamless migration:

Keep your old hosting plan, until the transfer is complete. This is key to keeping your website up and running. Don’t neglect this important tip.

Save all important email messages. Take the time to go through the email addresses that are very important to your business and save those messages.

Transfer to a new website hosting company on the days when your business or brand is least busy, just in case something goes wrong. If you aren’t very busy on the weekend, schedule your migration for Friday evening. That way, typically by Monday morning, you’re all set!

We’ve changed hosting companies a couple of times. Our last hosting change was the worst. We changed and bragged on the new hosting company and they turned out to be worst than our previous hosting company. So take it from me, I’ve been there. follow these tips and enjoy the feeling of finally having a reliable website hosting company, that will help you showcase your business and brand to the world.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!