A Vacation Or Break Can Re-energize Your Mind and Facilitate New Ideas

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, you may feel like you can’t take a break. “Who will serve your clients?” I totally understand this, as I started out as a solopreneur as well. Even those who have a team, like I do now, find it hard to take a break or get away. No matter how hard it may seem, follow the “Nike” tagline and “JUST DO IT”.  One thing I always did was take a break, even as a solopreneur. Even if I could only get away locally, I made sure and currently make sure to do something every day that I love and that has nothing to do with my business. For me it’s sometimes: biking the forest preserve, biking to the library, calling a person I love to “shoot the breeze” or even tending my plants. I also love to read the Bible and that’s always a true de-stressor for me. I’ve always encouraged others to take a break as well and the reasons behind this are plentiful. Here are just 4 ways that taking a break helps, but there are many more:

  • You immediately decompress, you may even notice the tense muscles in your body relax
  • You are able to give the brain the break it needs to foster creativity
  • You can catch up on some encouraging reading or activity that keeps you healthy, sane and even in shape
  • You may be able to use the time to help someone else, like a neighbor who may be elderly, yet needs a pet walked and the list goes on and on

Even if it’s just for 15-30min a day, take a break and do something that has absolutely nothing to do with your business, make sure it’s something you love. I suggest getting up from the computer, as sitting all day can be hazardous to your health. But even if you spend a bit of the time at your computer, make sure it’s nothing to do with your business. This is a real key to my success and I thank God for understanding how to prioritize my life. It has helped my business grow and hopefully it will help yours thrive as well. Share your comments on what you would do with your 15-30min break today!

Take a Break...

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2 thoughts on “A Vacation Or Break Can Re-energize Your Mind and Facilitate New Ideas

  1. Shilonda, thanks for sharing. I usually take a break and think of ways to improve my business. Since I read your article, I will start taking time to read or go for a much needed walk. Meditating is great as well.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Selena! I’m so glad you’ll be walking more after reading the article! 🙂 I’d love to stay in touch with you so we can encourage one another to do so daily. It’s so important and nice to have someone saying: “Did you take time for yourself today?” I really appreciate your positive feedback and will try to stay in touch with you.

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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