The Virtual Work Team LLC Blog Support Group is now private…

Hello everyone!

This will be a very short blog post, as I know many of you have taken the day off; however, I just wanted to let everyone know that our “Blog Support Group” on LinkedIN is now “private”. When I started the group, I wanted to make sure it was an open group and available to everyone with a positive blog. That is still my intention. However, many were coming to the group with blogs and messages that are far from what I deem positive. I know not everyone shares my Christian beliefs, but there are plenty of other groups they can join that cater to the profane. 🙂 I don’t want blogs with profanity throughout and have therefore closed the group. If you are already part of our registered community you can still join the blog support group here: “Blog Support Group“. Simply identify yourself as a registered member and you’re in; as I will have interacted with you personally already. You may also invite others, as you will be aware of the guidelines.

Support from our tight knit community is invaluable and the networking potential has already proven profitable for several members. If positive blogging is your thing and you actually want people to read what you say then Virtual Work Team LLC invites you to submit a request for membership here. Even if it’s not your own blog, but let’s say you write copy for it, we will support it! You can submit up to 3 blogs for yourself and as a registered member you can invite others who have positive blogs to join. Again, we don’t want blogs that have inflammatory or hate filled copy, although the blog doesn’t have to be related to business. Once you submit your request, I’ll respond to it personally and send you the group rules; don’t worry, we only have a few 🙂

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!

2 thoughts on “The Virtual Work Team LLC Blog Support Group is now private…

  1. Hey Shilonda….
    I really enjoy the blogs and posts on the group. Very cool you made it private. I have a question about that..
    What kind of criteria are you looking for in adding in new invites? I have several people I would love to invite in! Our goal is still the same about sharing blogs and commenting?

    Thanks!! Hope all is well with you…

    1. Hi my friend!

      Annette I’m so pleased you have some positive bloggers in mind that you want to include in our tight knit group. As long as they are positive, that’s it, it doesn’t have to be business related, so let’s say you know someone who blogs about the latest gluten free recipes he/she finds, that’s great! When you invite them, tell them to send their request to join here:, anyone who could use more exposure for their hobby, business or brand is a good candidate, as long as they are willing to offer support to others. If they don’t have loads of curse words, or hate filled content throughout their blog, I will approve them. I’m so glad you’ve made it your mission to help other bloggers so they too can get the support they need! We want that and appreciate you for that! 🙂

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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