When There Are No Funds to Market Your Brand…

Most companies want great exposure. One key component to helping a business in any industry is marketing. However what if you are just starting out and don’t have a budget to  market yourself? There’s no need to worry, you can still get your name in front of potential customers or clients with very little money. If you think outside the box just a bit and plan a bit more, you will find that marketing your products or services is easier than you thought and can cost as little as a fast food meal. First outline your daily activities. For instance, do you run errands all day for clients? If so you should have a tote that not only contains the essentials you need to help your clients, but your logo and phone number or email prominently displayed on the outside of the tote. Spend a little extra money to have this information on BOTH sides of the tote, so that no matter how rushed you are or which ever way you grab your tote, your company name and contact information will be in the face of everyone you meet. You’ll be surprised how many people will write down your information, especially if you are delivering or picking up from a client who works in a building with similar companies that might need your services. This is an inexpensive, yet practical way to market your brand without spending loads of cash.

If you hire others to help you, welcome them with one of these totes. It doesn’t matter if they are local employees or freelancers who work virtually or remotely. It will make them feel like part of your team and allow them to get the word out about your business in an effortless way. Virtual Work Team offers low cost promotional products for your and your business. Contact us here (scroll down to the “Book Now” button) for your Free 30min consultation, so we can discuss which products would work best for your business and start marketing your company today!

This is Shilonda Downing signing off for Virtual Work Team!


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