Why Systems are So Important to Your Virtual Team

Working virtually often means being able to hit the ground running. Many employers who hire virtual workers or freelancers don’t have the time or the budget to train them before they start. These employers can’t always see the individuals they’re training or collaborating with; so having systems in place is crucial to making sure these new team members understand what’s expected of them and what they’re doing each day. Systems needn’t be elaborate, they just have to work. Here are a few I have in place to ensure my team runs smoothly:

  • Welcome documents for all new team members to help them navigate through and understand their work schedule, payment and the pace of work
  • A series of video tutorials to help train new team members and introduce them to the assignments they will handle
  • An open door policy and a direct line to call me if ever there are questions or concerns

Would the aforementioned systems help you? What systems do you use to make sure things run smoothly in your business? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer personally.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!

2 thoughts on “Why Systems are So Important to Your Virtual Team

  1. Good Monday to you Shilonda,

    I have actually experienced a few clients who expected me to hit the door running. Thankfully the system I have in place, being a very key questions session once I have been hired for a job, makes things very simple to do just that. I make sure that I ask questions about their business, weaknesses, strengths and goal for their business, so I can understand what I am stepping into. I also ask detailing questions about what they expect for me, and if by chance there is something I don’t understand fully, I always ask clarifying questions.

    Typically I don’t find work that I may not have experience in, but there are times when getting hired for a job, there may be something I don’t know. In this case I make sure to find out any and all information I can so that I know what I am doing and try not to waste any of the clients time.

    Since I don’t as of yet have a team of my own, I don’t have systems in place for that. But I have a good idea of what they would be.

    As usual, this is a great blog.


    1. Teri I think that is an awesome process for a VA. Asking questions is truly the way to make sure you’re successful in any position. If your client is professional, they’ll answer your questions thoroughly and honestly and it will make for a great working relationship. Thanks for chiming in!

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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