Why YouTube works for Online Businesses

YouTube is really a great and FREE vehicle to use for your online business. A few good reasons why you’ll want to set up a YouTube account for business are:

  • YouTube is not just a place to watch entertaining videos, but a powerful search engine used by your potential clients and customers. Many come to YouTube to search for answers and your products or services may provide such.
  • YouTube allows you to provide a visual showcase of your products or services in action. You can let others know exactly how to use your services or products with a very short video.
  • YouTube may offer you monetization down the road. YouTube may offer you the opportunity to make a bit of money from advertisments placed on your videos if they are high quality.
Start by watching the video below on creating a high quality video and then you may want to read: YouTube, AdSense and Monetization, to help you understand how you can make money with your YouTube videos.  

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!


4 thoughts on “Why YouTube works for Online Businesses

  1. Hi Shilonda,
    Its funny that I read this blog when I did. I have a video that I created as a presentation to put on my website. Its a very basic simple video just explaining who we are, and how we can help entrepreneurs. I had not given it much thought to actually put it up on YouTube, because I figured most of those videos are entertainment, or educational (meaning you are looking to help solve a problem you are having). Of course it does make sense that an entrepreneur does have a problem with needing the help, and could find my video helpful, but again I didn’t think of it that way. Now that I have, I think I will do just that, and post my video.

    Thanks for the advice! You always seem to know when to post, that hits a spot for me.


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