The Company Culture Starts With You

A good leader always leads by example. This is true even when leading a virtual team that is not in front of your visually. If you set the example in being positive and hard working, that is what you’re typically going to get back from your team. The culture of the company therefore starts with the owner. I’ve owned Virtual Work Team for over 7 years and when I think of my team, I smile constantly! 🙂 I can’t wait to talk to them and not just about what they’re accomplishing for our clients, but what’s going on in their lives and how their day has been. We share a lot with one another. There is a trust with us, that you just don’t find everywhere. My team members are truly like family to me, so I treat them that way and I look out for them.

Now imagine if I encouraged my team members to spy on one another, undercut and compete with one another instead of working as a team? My company would be full of chaos! You can see this chaos in a lot of companies. Entrepreneurs need to be very careful, as the customers and/or clients can sense/feel when companies are in chaos and when people aren’t working together cohesively. As someone who believes in professionalism, treating all team members with dignity and respect and focusing on the positive, I’ve been blessed with the same from my team. I’m treated with professionalism, dignity and respect and my team knows that when we have challenges, we work as a team to solve them. So if you’re an entrepreneur or team lead, remember that the culture (be it virtual or in-house) starts with you. What you get back from your team, is truly a reflection of what you’re putting out.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!


1 thought on “The Company Culture Starts With You

  1. That is so true Shilonda! In all aspects of life I have found that whatever I put out there is what is returned to me, and that is so much more magnified when I’m in a leadership role. Team leads must always be cognizant of that fact, and come to the realization that the quality and effectiveness of their team arises out of the manner in which they treat each member of their team, and the environment that they foster between their team members.

    Again, spot on, Girl! 🙂

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