Your Virtual Teams Schedule

Working long hours can be taxing on an entrepreneur. That is why many of us hire team members. However, you don’t want your team to become overwhelmed and begin to form a distaste for working virtually. So how do you manage this conundrum? Well you can hire a part-time team that would work in tiers. That means you have various individuals working various shifts to meet your clients needs.

When you make your first hire, unless they are full-time, you may want to tier the individuals schedule, so that they are working when you are less productive. This allows for a fresh pair of hands and eyes, working on customer assignments. Many new entrepreneurs don’t have the funds to hire someone on full time, so a tiered schedule for part time workers may do the trick. I personally work full time and manage my part-time team, but the key is to do what works for you, your team and your clients; such that everyone is happy and served efficiently and effectively.

Need more tips on growing your business or hiring your first team member? Schedule your  60 min. “Business Consultation” with me today. I look forward to working with you.

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