YouTube, AdSense and Monetization

I recently created a new blog for those who love beautiful “Interior Design” and for those who like to see videos that feature: “Interior Design Is Art™” The new blog officially launched June 1st, even though I created some of the posts in May. Though it’s not really a month old yet, it already has great readership and viewership! I therefore, thought I’d create a YouTube page for the blog as well. While the blog isn’t currently monetized, YouTube offered me monetization for the videos

However, when I searched for information or a video on adding more than one YouTube channel to an existing AdSense account, I came up short. I had to play around with my own Adsense account for a while to figure it out. Once I did, and saw how simple it was, I decided to create a video to help others who may be experiencing the same problem. If you want to make money from more than one YouTube Channel with your current AdSense account, the video below is for you. Please share it, thumbs up & Subscribe to us on YouTube for more “Quick Tips“. Thanks!

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!

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6 thoughts on “YouTube, AdSense and Monetization

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  2. Good post. However, I tried to follow your directions and AdSense is telling me that I do not own youtube dot com ( when I put the whole address, what to do then?

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