Showing my “Gratitude” to YOU!

I recently had to change our terms of payment and service and I was just overwhelmed by the support! There are clients who send us assignments daily, but we don’t chat much and even these clients took time out to express their support via email and some by phone. Our new clients were just as supportive and this made me feel sooo good. I got so much love which meant the world to me, because I struggled a bit with the change in terms, although I knew it had to be done.

We are also on-boarding several new clients and 2 new team members and our blog support group members have been so supportive to us as well during this busy time. I can’t thank you all enough! I say all the time that I feel like we have a “Circle of Friends” and the support these past two weeks let me know that it’s definitely a mutual feeling. The team and I appreciate all our colleagues, clients, friends and one another. So I just wanted to take time to show my “Gratitude” to you and say “Thanks!” It’s so good to know that everyone I had those positive interchanges with this week truly “get” me. I love all of you, sight unseen for most and hope that all of our days continue to be blessed and positive. Thanks again!

This is Shilonda Downing signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!