How to Hire a Really Good Web Developer

Web DevelopmentLast week I provided tips on “Hiring a Good Web Designer“. Please note that often times a web designer and web developer will not be the same person. There are a few freelancers that are good with web design and development. However, most excel at one over the other. The person who develops the site has a specific skill just as the designer, so be selective in choosing your web developer. Here are a few tips:

  • As mentioned in my article last week, be sure you have a verbal interview with all candidates. This is especially important if you’re hiring an overseas developer. If the developer only wants to chat, that’s typically not a good sign. You need to be sure that they understand English very well both spoken and written, so you can type a few questions during the verbal interview, but don’t neglect to speak with the developer. This will be a MAJOR time saver, as once you start providing instructions, if the developer doesn’t understand your language, there will be one mess up after the next.
  • Ask what delieverables you’ll receive once the development is complete. Different developers provide different deliverables. Some will provide the source code, some may not. Some will provide free support for a time, in case there are any bugs on the website. Know what you’re getting after the project is complete.
  • Always ask how many projects they have going. As you may know, web development is project work. Unless the freelancer is working for a big firm, they may be trying to get all the jobs they can. Always let the freelancer know that you’d appreciate honesty when it comes to the time or bandwidth they have to complete your project.
  • Ensure the freelancer responds in a timely manner BEFORE you hire them. Gauge how quickly they respond to messages and ask if they are willing to work in your time zone, at least part of the time. This can make a big difference in getting things done in a timely manner.
  • Check references. Ask for references from the owners of the websites the developer has developed in the past. Make sure the references are recent.

Lastly, if something feels off, or you think a potential candidate is lying to you, they probably are. Go with your gut; after all it’s your business reputation on the line.

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