Listening to your clients

One client wants website security, another wants website security and the ability to update their own website. Should you recommend the same service for both clients? It’s possible, however, listening to your clients will often dictate what you recommend. As a Business Consultant, I’m often asked which programs and services work best. I could make a blanket statement to all of my clients or only recommend my affiliates, however, forging a relationship based on trust means that you do what’s in the best interest of your client.


You can also learn when listening to your clients. For instance, while I learned that some developers consider WordPress to be a security risk; more seasoned developers recommend certain themes or frameworks to ensure security and then a WordPress website is just as safe as any other. This knowledge helped me to make the best recommendation to a new client that had concerns about both website security and the ability to update the website themselves. Remember, once you make a client happy, they are more likely to recommend you to others. This preferred client relationship can develop with the simple art of listening.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!

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