How to manage more than one social network successfully

Most of us have heard of LinkedInYouTubeFacebook and Twitter and of course now Pinterest has pushed in! 🙂 (read our previous post re: how one of our Pinterest pictures got featured by a very popular blog: here) These social media  sites help you find clients as a freelancer as well as communicate with your family members and friends very quickly.

To manage several of these sites you need a system in place that makes the engagement seem seamless. There are very popular programs that some business owners shy away from, as they are recognized as being impersonal. While using a software program to schedule out some tweets is fine, you want to make sure you help your clients set aside time to engage personally. If all of their updates or posts come from an automated system, their followers, connections and friends will quickly lose interest. Please feel free to share your tips for managing several social networks successfully.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!


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