New Customer Discount

CallCenterThe new customer discount this month is 50% off, a week of customer support! This email and online chat support is for two hours a day. You can select your hour in the morning, afternoon or evening. You may also do a combination of time. For instance we can provide you with an hour of support in the morning and then an hour in the evening or afternoon.

We are partnered with Freshdesk, so we can set you up with Freshdesk so that you have a professional support portal. With Freshdesk in place you’re on par with what many of the largest companies in the nation use as their customer service software. Our customer support agents have provided and still provide support for some of the largest companies in the nation as well. We look for to you taking advantage of this offer to have a stellar customer support team behind your business or brand.

Schedule the date and time that works best for you here and we will speak to you then. Welcome!





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