Changes and Updates for 2014

Whats NextWe’re making some fabulous changes and updates for the year 2014. I wanted to share just a bit on our blog and the rest will be outlined in our Newsletter. Here we go!

We will be including more how-to’s in the weekly Newsletter based on what we’re noticing in the virtual world of entrepreneurship and freelancing. You’ll find awesome little gifts inside of the Newsletter, so if you’re not subscribed, please visit our homepage and do so today.

We’re re-doing our website. Many take the time to update their services and products for a new year and we’re doing the same. Stay tune for an updated look and feel on the website.

We’ll be answering many of the pressing questions and concerns that people have regarding working from home, growing their business and outsourcing to others in our monthly Newsletter, so ask about signing up for that as well. We look forward to working even more diligently in 2014 and to end the year we’ve uploaded our last interview of 2013: with Professor Yael Zofi on managing virtual teams; watch it by clicking here.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!


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