Old Strategies That Can Still Garner New Clients

If you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur with a team, there is no limit to the modern ideas, ways and methods of securing new clientele.  There’s email marketing, social media and off-line networking. All of these methods work, provided you have a great marketing or elevator pitch. However, don’t rule out some old favorites that many will tell you to totally disregard. Here are a few old methods that can still net new clients:

  • Cold call – Is there a client that you really wish you could get in touch with? How about getting up the courage to call and introduce yourself, business or brand. You must be prepared for this call call and have a great conversational spill at the ready. If you’re nervous and need help, feel free to schedule a “Business Consultation” with me here. We will spend an hour together crafting your message and going over exactly what you will say and how you can overcome any objections.
  • Press release – Sending a press release to the right outlet can net great results; which can further lead to new clients. This requires a bit of research, but press releases are not dead or a useless marketing technique. Take the time to draft up your press release and find out who would benefit from what you have to say and you may just get new interest in your business that can lead to new clients.
  • Direct mail – Don’t rule out the good old postal service. They are not obsolete; because who among us has totally stopped reading their mail? Not me! 🙂 It’s still a great way to communicate with a potential client. A direct letter also allows you to totally customize and personalize your message; which can be much more interesting to a potential client than typical email marketing.

If you have another ‘old favorite’ that has worked for you, or if you’ve tried one of the above recently and it worked, please share in the comments.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!


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