Redefining Virtual Assistant

How many times have you had to explain what a virtual assistant does? Well, for many VA’s it’s too many times to count. It can be confusing for some clients or employers; as they may not understand the breadth and depth of many virtual assistants. What I mean by that is many VAs come from a specialty in the Corporate arena. HR, accounting or PR may have been their specialty in the corporate world and now they’re offering these skills virtually. The word “assistant” can water that down a bit.


It’s one of the reasons I named our company: Virtual Work Team. We cover a wide range of areas of work, however, we do it in a virtual manner. This is true of most VAs as well. Many become adept at all the new and latest software programs that online business owners are using. This typically puts them a step above their brick and mortar counterparts. So the next time you’re asked what a Virtual Assistant does, just say: “It’s been redefined¬†to include a wide range of duties to help business owners like yourself. How can I help you today?” All the best!

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!

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