What is Off-site SEO?

Offsite SEOEveryone that has an online business has no doubt heard of SEO at some point. SEO stands for search engine optimization. However, while most understand what is needed to increase SEO efforts on their websites (keywords, alt tags, meta data, etc.), they don’t understand how off-site SEO efforts work or how they can help their businesses bring in new customers.

Off-site SEO is described as: the methods used to influence your rankings on search engines, without any manipulation to your current website. Quality back-links are a great place to start. However, the key is quality, you want to look for legitimate directories and reputable online sources and partners to link back to your page(s). Social media is a great off-site SEO tactic that can draw in potential customers to your website. Online reviews are very helpful as well. Make sure you work with a company that will provide measurable ROI, utilizing these measures. Would you like more information on additional off-site SEO strategies? Schedule your Website Consultation with us today by clicking here.

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