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JobCandidates_VWTHello Everyone! Great News…

We have just been awarded a contract to recruit all the virtual team members and some on-site team members for a very promising start-up in the entertainment industry. Copy Writers, Graphic Designers and Web Developers in particular are needed immediately. However all are welcome to apply as the project covers a vast scope of industries i.e. casting associates, PAs, location scouts (for some on-site positions, L.A. location is preferred).

Join Our Candidate Database

Our Founder, Shilonda Downing, who also created Freelance Family (a social website and network where the best freelancers can meet the best clients), is combining both brands under the Virtual Work Team umbrella. To better focus on this very large and on-going project we want to ensure we have the best virtual workers, freelancers and potential candidates in one database. If you’re a member of Freelance Family we welcome you. You will be contacted by one of our team members to ensure we have the most up to date information on your business or brand. Whether you are an individual freelancer or have a team of virtual workers, if you provide stellar work and have a great work ethic we want to add you to our candidate database. We’re working hard to get in touch with everyone.  We ask that you do not call or send unsolicited messages. We have a 3 team members working to touch base with every single one of you that is already associated with Virtual Work Team and/or Freelance Family. You get first preference of course. No one will be missed. We ask that when you are contacted you provided the information on your skill set, references, etc. as soon as possible; as hiring for several positions is taking place now. Feel free to ask your contact any questions that you may have. We are truly thankful and excited about this wonderful opportunity to not only help our new clients but to help stellar freelancers obtain the steady work they so desire.

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2 thoughts on “Join Our Candidate Database

  1. Hello,

    My name is Gaurav and I work as an Account Manager with Valuecoders.

    We as ValueCoders setup offshore teams for delivering commercial grade web and mobile applications for our customers. We’re agile with our approach, and are focused on doing just one thing well – in fact, very well – Software Development with 250+ Dedicated Team of proficient Dedicated developers.

    Please let me know a convenient time to connect. We could connect on Skype or have me call you on your phone.

    Warm Regards, 

    Gaurav Tyagi| Valuecoders 

    1. Hi Gaurav:

      Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay the response has been a bit overwhelming and we will be contacting you soon about the open positions and our candidate database. Thanks for writing in.

      Support Team
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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