Update on our Candidate Database

Candidate Database
Candidate Database

Hello everyone! We wanted to provide an update on our candidate database and how you can sign up.

The Candidate Database is open to all skilled and experienced freelancers

All freelancers are encouraged to sign up for our database. That means if you’re a freelance journalist, CIO, virtual assistant, architect, etc. and you have recently provided services in your industry, we welcome you to join our database. While our initial contract to recruit was for virtual team members and for a start-up in the entertainment industry, we are contracted on a regular basis to hire for clients in various industries and sectors; be it a remote or in-office position.  If you are already in our database, you will be the first to be contacted about open positions in your field.

Join Our Candidate Database

Whether you are an individual freelancer or have a team of virtual workers, if you provide stellar work and have a great work ethic we want to add you to our candidate database. We’re working hard to get in touch with everyone that is already associated with Virtual Work Team and on our newsletter list first.  We ask that you do not call or send unsolicited messages. We have team members working to touch base with every single one of you that is already associated with Virtual Work Team and/or Freelance Family. You get first preference of course. No one will be missed. We ask that when you are contacted you provided the information on your skill set, references, etc. as soon as possible; as hiring for several positions is always taking place. Feel free to ask your Virtual Work Team contact any questions that you may have. We are truly thankful and excited about this wonderful opportunity to not only help our new clients but to help stellar freelancers obtain the steady work they desire.

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