The Skills You Need to Become a Virtual Assistant

Have you always wanted to work from home, but felt that you just didn’t have the skills? If you’re on our Newsletter list, but haven’t taken the plunge, this article is for you. Most people think that you need advanced administrative skills like bookkeeping, Human Resource expertise or advanced skills in database creation and management such as an expertise in MS Access. Others may feel that they don’t have top notch clerical skills like fast and accurate typing, advanced email support and calendar management that are needed to assist someone virtually. However, to “assist” simply means to help! 🙂 That’s good news for those looking to become a virtual assistant.  Here are other skills you can utilize to help or assist others virtually with their businesses:

  • Social Media – This is a job that you can perform virtually and help many business owners thrive with your knowledge. You must be professional, however, as maintaining social networks for a business is a bit different than maintaining your own personal social media accounts.
  • Mailings – Many small business owners don’t have the funds to afford a separate mail room or mailing division, so you can offer assistance in this area. Offer to hand write and stuff promotional flyers for business owners, as well as transport them to the post office while you run your own errands.
  • Phone sales – Many business owners still need someone to help promote their products and services via telesales. If you have a pleasant phone voice, are good with sales and come across as authentic, you could do this virtually as well. Just make sure you have a quiet space to work from.

If you’d like to share other skills that you’ve used to “virtually assist” others from home, please leave your comments below. If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn more about becoming a freelancer and virtual assistant, we offer a FREE 15min consultation to those who are looking to start this journey. You can register at a day and time that works for you by clicking here.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!

6 thoughts on “The Skills You Need to Become a Virtual Assistant

  1. Becoming a virtual assistant is as easy as sharing your skill set to assist others as noted in the article. Other skills such as creating newsletters, managing a list serve (by making sure the email address are up to date), blogging, or even sub contracting to assist other virtual assistants are ways to assist others working from home.

  2. Other support skills would include: preparing marketing materials e.g. business cards and brochures; developing a list of contacts from business cards; arranging meetings and travel.

  3. People are still amazed by the idea that I have a virtual assistant. The response is always, “Tell me more and please explain”. This career is catching on and the demand is high for quality work with a reputable company. Thank you Virtual Work Team for your professionalism and prompt response to my company’s growing needs.

    1. Hi Ann!

      Thanks so much for the compliment! It’s been our pleasure to watch and help the “Sharmooz” brand grow. The Sharmooz line is such high quality and made right here in the U.S.; which I think is great!

      I find that more and more people are very familiar with Virtual Assistants. Many are reading books by fellow online business owners that encourage small business owners to hire a Virtual Assistant or VA. It’s really becoming the new standard for many small business owners to outsource their back office support; it saves them money and time. It’s been my mission to make sure that Virtual Work Team LLC provides a premier service at very reasonable rates, right here in the U.S. Thanks again for the endorsement!

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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