The Pros and Cons of Content Creation

content creation
content creation

Content Creation is the most important task in Marketing. If you need to keep up a blog for yourself or your client, it can be taxing. You may run out of ideas or you may just find that scheduling time to write is difficult as well. Many decide to outsource this task, and I must admit, I’ve thought about that as well. However, there are Pros and Cons to outsourcing your content creation. I’ll outline just a few:

  • You may not know who’s doing the work – If you hire a company that doesn’t allow you to have the name or email or any contact information of the person writing (there are many sites like this; I won’t put them on blast), then you really don’t know who has your content. You can’t even talk to the person. To me, that presents several issues; too many to write actually.
  • Hiring 1 or 2 content creators can also be risky – With two different people writing for your blog you will inevitably get 2 different tones. Even if both writers review one anothers work, you may still find nuances that clearly indicate there is a different person, with a different perspective writing the post. This may be ok for some, however, if one writer takes a position on a subject matter that is the opposite of what another writer posted some time ago, you may wind up confusing your audience and losing credibility. If you only have one writer, you may no doubt have to deal with the person being unavailable from time to time, which can pose a real challenge when you’re trying to be consistent with your posts.
  • You can do it yourself but… – Writing your own blog posts and content can be gratifying. However, the issue of ideas and time may come up again and again. If this is the case, you can elect to have a team member or hire a team like ours for content creation¬†calendar for you. Share the ideas you’d like to discuss and then have them outline your topics for the week or even the month, based on your input. To help with time, put a ticker on your calendar to remind you that it’s time to “get in the zone” so to speak. You need to be mentally ready to write and a reminder helps. Also set a timer to keep yourself on task.

Got any useful tips you’d like to share? I’d love to read them in the comments.

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This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team!


6 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Content Creation

  1. Shilonda,
    Great thoughts! Hiring a team is the best. I hired 2 content writers from Germany and France but the content was not at all unique and not optimized with the keywords. Now I am working with a team and they are delivering the quality and unique content.

    1. Hi Shimpy:

      Thanks for sharing your insights. It is hard to find excellent freelancers, so I’m glad you found good quality workers eventually. I think hiring a team is best too and my team is a wonderful help to me and our clients. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Excellent and on time post Shilonda!

    This is definitely a hot topic of discussion and critical decision-making as one wrong move could be disastrous for a marketing plan. I definitely agree that both a team effort and the use of a content calendar is probably the single most beneficial strategy. It allows the team to coordinate with one another so that they are on one accord with content and tone. Collaborative efforts are possible prior to a posting to make sure postings are consistent with the company brand.

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. Great info! Social Media marketing take a lot of time and is hard work. Especially for small business owners who do not have a lot of time, the best option is to hire a team to help create content for you.

    1. I totally agree Michelle! We handle this for a lot of clients and it’s really a weight off their shoulders, to no longer have to search for every bit of content that they want to post. Thanks for sharing that helpful insight.


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