Using Down Time Wisely

There are always days that are slower than others. What do you do with those days? I personally relish the time I have to implement my ideas uninterrupted. Just the thought of knowing I don’t have to respond to emails or phone calls is a relief in and of itself. It lends to a pleasant work flow and your ideas can blossom unhindered. You can also get caught up on the not so pleasant tasks that all Entrepreneurs have to deal with at some point; this is especially true if you’re a Solopreneur. A wise use of your down time might be to do the following:

  • Take an examination of your books; no not your romance novels; your bookkeeping. 🙂 It’s important to be on top of fiscal matters in your business and when there’s down time, you can concentrate on figures much better.
  • Do electronic and maybe paper filing. Get rid of duplicate folders, files, etc. and create new ones for projects you want to implement soon (see below)
  • Categorize your ideas; decide how much additional manpower or hours you need to bring them to fruition; attach a deadline to at least 2 of your new ideas.
  • Of course if you’re caught up on everything, just use your down time to get some rest. Entrepreneurs know that no matter how much rest they try to get, new ideas are always popping up, as most of us are very creative. If that’s the case, just refer to the previous bullet point (see above) and use your down time wisely 🙂

How do you use your down time? Please share with other readers in the comments.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing out for Virtual Work Team LLC!


7 thoughts on “Using Down Time Wisely

  1. I am so glad you shared this Shilonda! As I am seeing a lot of downtime right now, I have been using that time to look for more work, revamp my website (yes its new but had a few ideas), go over all my intake paperwork to make it as simple as possible for new potential clients, as well as learn as much as I can from other experienced VA’s. I have a few webinars that I reviewed, looked into a couple of my favorite forums, and the most obvious, I just plain out right asked their opinions and advice. I have the people who I consider mentors and love every ounce of time they can share with me. Yes Shilonda you are at the top of my list. 🙂

    I try to use all this time as effectively as possible for my business, so that I to can reach my goals.

    1. Teri my friend:

      I was just about to head out when I saw your lovely comments. You really made my heart smile with this one! So glad to be a mentor to someone so sharp, professional, ethical and kind as you! Thanks Teri for lending your kind comments. Catch ya’ later!

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

  2. Thanks for those suggestions, Shilonda. I am the kind of person whose mind is always working, even though I may not have any active projects, subconsciously I’m always going over my ‘stuff’ and doing re-evaluations, but it’s not really in any structured kind of way. I may end up shooting up out of bed in the middle of the night with a ‘brainstorm’ (not always convenient, I tell you). . . . . 🙂

    Other than that I usually take some time out to walk in the yard or play with the dog. Other than that I’m at the bookstore looking for another inspirational book. Right now I’m re-reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

    And then it’s ‘back to the grind’ . . . . . 🙂

    1. You are totally not alone Gillian! I’m so glad you shared with us. Once you finish “Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you’ll have to guest blog for us again and share the tips you learned. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Shilonda Downing
      Virtual Work Team LLC

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