Working with clients worldwide

Worldwide ClientsSearch online and you’ll find hundreds of free freelancing tips floating around. While many of them can help you establish your career as a freelancer, some are unlikely to help you in the long run. Let’s have a close look at few tips to help freelancers work with clients worldwide:

  • Learn a bit about your clients culture and language. It’s impressive when you can say a bit to your client in their language and they will appreciate that you have made an effort. Also understanding their culture and various holidays or holy days will allow you to be respectful to your new clients. Remember “respect, begets respect”, so you have to give it to get it.
  • Research the standard rate for your work in your niche and in that particular country. You can simply charge that amount or add a premium for an add-on service you provide that is germane to your country and not that of your client.
  • Register on Freelance websites that will protect and respect your skills and work. Freelance Family is such a website and registrations are being accepted now. Just send a message on their “Contact Us” page for details. Also when listing your skill set, be very detailed in how you’ve used it to help clients in the past. This is especially true, if you can site clients in the home country of your new client.
  • Since clients in another country might be reticent about working with someone in another area, send a link to your portfolio.
  • Once you establish yourself, you utilize social media to advertise your skill set and brand. Use hash tags to locate clients in the areas of the world you’d like to market to.
  • After you’ve performed a job satisfactorily, ask your clients in other countries for references. Potential clients will feel more comfortable when they see that you have already worked successfully with someone in their country.

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!