How an Editorial Calendar Can Help You

free-editorial-calendar-templates1If you’re a writer, blogger or publish a magazine you’ve no doubt heard of, or use an editorial calendar. However, there are many who may not know what an editorial calendar is and how useful it can be to streamlining your weekly business routine. So what is an editorial calendar? Well it’s basically an outline of the various subject matters or themes you’ll present to the world with your platform: article, blog or magazine.  You must take the time to fill up your calendar with subjects that will be of benefit to your audience. Some may feel an editorial calendar is not worth the work that goes into creating it.  However, the phrase “If you fail to plan; you’re planning to fail” comes to mind.

How an Editorial Calendar Can Help You: Planning out your themes and subject matters will take the guess work out of writing. If you’ve ever had writers block, you’ll know how useful this can be. Once your editorial calendar is populated, you can better research and curate content that will help you publish the best information for your brand. Your editorial calendar can also be useful to others. If you make your calendar available for others to view, you’re more apt to get guest bloggers or those looking to advertise around a particular theme or subject. Need help creating and populating an editorial calendar? Give us a call at (312) 380-0885, and we’ll help get your started.
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