Ideal Client_Much More than a Catch Phrase!

It’s that time again! Time to interview an expert regarding helpful tips for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and VA’s. This time we’ll be discussing finding and working with your “Ideal Client” with Marie Kirkland of Living Aligned Companies, LLC. When it comes to internet

marketing, there are certain terms and phrases that I don’t put much stock in; however, “Ideal Client” is not one of them. Finding and working with your ideal client is “Totally” the way to grow your business. No matter what industry or sector you’re in, finding and working with your ideal client is key to successfully growing in a way that’s provides that inner glow that all entrepreneurs should have.

Listen in as we discuss the following topics designed to help you move toward your “Ideal Client”:

  • The 80/20 rule and how it applies to the perfect client/customer
  • What happens if a current client is no longer “ideal”?
  • An actionable outline for locating & working with your ideal client right away

We invite you to listen to this lively conversation by clicking here. If you have questions about locating your ideal clients, post them in the comments section and I’ll answer them personally. Want to hear more from Marie’s interview? Join our Free “Starting Out” membership today!

Marie Kirkland

This is Shilonda Downing, signing off for Virtual Work Team LLC!


12 thoughts on “Ideal Client_Much More than a Catch Phrase!

  1. I am really looking forward to this speaker! All clients are not good clients…it’s important to pick the “ideal” clients that will help your business grow. Can’t wait to learns some useful info!

  2. Great article! I am learning more and more that the better I am at defining my ideal client, the easier it is to write great copy and to develop programs that will appeal to them.

  3. Great information, as always. Realizing exactly what makes your client ideal and then seeking out only those clients is so important to really enjoying your work.

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